Tuesday, June 03, 2014

#1000PostParty Champagne! Balloons! Noise Makers!

photo of balloons, courtesy of Crystal, CC license, attribution

We are just a few blog posts away from my 1000th post here at Once in a Blue Muse! I'm so thrilled that it coincides with my 9th blogging anniversary and the release of my newest novel, DERELICT.

I want to celebrate with you, my readers and I want to celebrate in two ways.


One of my passionate hobbies is ceramics, and if you've followed me here on this blog or on Google Plus, you'll have seen photos of some of my work. I make far too many things to keep, and since it's the process that I love as much as the finished products, I end up bartering or giving them away.

So I thought I would tie my two loves - writing novels and creating ceramics - together.

If you purchase a copy of DERELICT, I will enter you into a drawing to win one of 6 or 8 (depending on what the kiln gods say) wheel thrown ceramic cups, made by yours truly.

Here are the rules:
  1. contest is 'live' until Friday June 14th, 11:59 pm, eastern time
  2. you can enter by:
    1. emailing me a copy of your purchase receipt, or
    2. taking a selfie of you reading the book, and either tag me on G+, post it on my FB author page, or email me the photo (lisa@ljcohen.net)
  3. You get one entry for each copy of any of my novels (eta: in ebook or print) you buy until the contest ends (backdated to May 31st, as some folks bought DERELICT during its weekend 'soft' release)
  4. This is open to anyone, anywhere on the planet
  5. I will notify the winners by email on Saturday, June 15th
Links to all purchase venues for all my novels are on my website: http://www.ljcohen.net/novels.html


If you would like a chance to win a copy of DERELICT, please leave a comment sharing with me how you like to celebrate milestones, and on June 15th, I will choose 6 random entrants to receive one of 4 ebooks or 2 signed print copies. This is also open to anyone on the planet.
And as a bonus, anyone entering either contest will get an mp3 copy of the music composed for the DERELICT book trailer.

You can enter both contests.  Good luck! And thank you for nine amazing years of blogging!


  1. What a generous offer. I'm off to Amazon or iTunes tomorrow to get the book after having seen Lynn Viehl's recommendation on her blog and I'll forward the email receipt to enter the contest. Your ceramics look wonderful and I'd love to own one.

    As to the second contest, I tend to celebrate milestones with food - bad idea I know but it always seems more special. I had a wonderful spa weekend for my 50th - maybe I should make that my "go to" celebration method in future!

    1. Awesome, Fran! I love knowing my cups and bowl have happy homes!

  2. Love you, Lisa, love your books, and I'm buying it Friday! wooohooo!! {{hugs}}}

    I'd like to tell you all the great ways I celebrate milestones, but I haven't ever been good with that. Usually I go somewhere dark and alone and cry. Sorry. {{hugs}}

    1. Tammy - you totally ROCK!!! Thank you so much. Yeah - milestones can be totally overwhelming. I try to control some of that. This past Sept was my 50th birthday and my 25th wedding anniversary and I made it clear that all I wanted was a laid back gathering of friends and family and NO SURPRISE parties. My family knows I would have walked out of any surprise party they tried to throw for me.

  3. If it's a milestone that involves someone else, I usually try to think of something they will really enjoy. If it's a personal milestone, then I do whatever strikes my fancy as being the best balance of fun and practical (meaning, not too much work or expense =P). Lately, I'm more cheap and more busy (lazy? boring?), and so it usually involves something like new nail polish or a journal, or a long shower, or taking a chance and trying out the cranberry vodka at the 7-11 down the street.

    1. BonnieJean - sometimes the little things are what makes me smile most. I normally just drink plain old coffee, but if I want to really celebrate, I'll get one of the fancy coffee drinks with whipped cream and I feel like a Queen. :)

  4. Not fond of taking selfies, but I am fond of handmade ceramics ... I think I grabbed it from #saturdayscenes, but haven't synced my kindle yet. Off to do so now!

    1. I hear you - I tend to hate photos of myself and take them only under duress. Happy reading!