Friday, January 13, 2012

Release Week part 4: release day!!!

When it became clear that my original plan to release THE BETWEEN on Halloween wasn't going to work and that I hadn't given myself enough time for the myriad details of a book birthday, I looked ahead on the calendar, looking for a just-right day.  I didn't want to run into the insanity of the holiday season, but I was hoping to ride the coat-tails of folks who had gotten Amazon or B&N giftcards as presents.

So I saw mid-January as the perfect time.  Then I realized we had a Friday the 13th.  Not that the book has anything to do with superstitions, but I've always liked that poor little much-maligned day, so I asked it to the dance and it said yes.  :)

Welcome to the world, Lydia and Clive, Aileen, Taylor, and Aeon, characters from THE BETWEEN.

Today, I am hosted by the gracious and lovely Lisa Didio.  She and I seem to be writing twins: we both are named Lisa, both have sons, both write YA fantasy, and are both represented by the same agent!

Thank you, Lisa, for your kind words.

And seen in the wild, an amazing review from one of my favorite authors and bloggers: Lynn Viehl, AKA PaperbackWriter. As gracious and lovely as it was unexpected, Lynn's review brought tears to my eyes on this book-birthday morning.

Thank you, Lynn (and you should all buy her books--I'm sucked in the world of her Darkyn right now, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Cherijo Grey Veil from her Stardoc series. )


  1. Happy Book Birthday!!! How wonderfully exciting!

  2. Congratulations on your big day!!!

  3. Just bought a Kindle version, can't wait to read it!

  4. Between is not at all what I expected. I thought that it would be light; did not expect the power, the depth of this story, and I am only 3/4s of the way through! I'll probably rave more when I'm finished. Back to reading now...have to finish it fast so I can do the other parts of my life...can't stop reading.