Thursday, January 12, 2012

Release Week, part 3

Today's guest post is on the #amwriting blog maintained by the fabulous Johanna Harness (@johannaharness).  She created a twitter community of writers who support and encourage one another through the #amwriting hashtag.

Today, she graciously turned over the blog to me and my post, Learning to Trust Myself."

"Little surprise that I grew up not trusting my inner compass. If you didn’t express your fear, anger, or sadness because to do so would make them real, and you didn’t express your hopes, joy, and happiness for fear of them being taken away, then you were left with a swirling mass of self-doubt."

For me, the process of writing has been one of learning to listen to my true voice and not let self-doubt cripple me.

Thanks, Johanna, for featuring me today.

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