Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wrestling with character

I'm working on a YA urban fantasy that takes place both in our world and in Fairy. I have a strong sense of my 2 main protagonists, Lydia and Clive. I've written up to 20K, roughly the first 1/3 of the story, and have gotten to some of the secondary characters that are important to the plot.

One of these is Oberon. Yes, that Oberon. King of the Fairies.

I need to know who he is in this story and he's just not talking right now.

I'm going to give him a few days, but then it'll be time for the interrogation techniques.

So how do you threaten the King of the Fairies???


  1. Yes, it can be frustrating when characters are stubborn. Sometimes, even when you've "developed" them the "real" character doesn't settle in until you've written a couple pages for them.