Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"The Between" at 22K

I'm having fun exploring what family structure might look like in the world of the Fey as imagined in "The Between". How does near immortality change and/or strain relationships? In a society that measures status in magical power and standing in the court, would there be such a thing as loyalty? Love? Self-sacrifice?

I've already decided that one side effect of having such long lives along with the ability to convince reality that something is something else (the glamour) is that the Fey have little true creativity. That would account for both their dependence upon and their disdain for Mortals.

The Fey of "The Between" are not lovable tricksters or Disney-esque Fairy Tale creatures.

My main character, Lydia, is Fey by birth, but was raised in the Mortal world and as such has Mortal values and biases. When she is taken back into Fairy, she brings those intangibles with her. In their way, they are as powerful a force to be reckoned with as Fey magic.

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