Thursday, February 26, 2009

"The Between" at 19K

A snippet from the morning's pages:

“Please, refresh yourself. Oberon insists that you feel welcome,” Galvin said as Dierdre uncovered the waiting platters.

Insists. She swallowed a snarky reply. Could Oberon force her to stay? She had thought coming here was the lesser of two evils, but now she wasn't so sure. In this sun-drenched place, it was hard to remember the threat of the darklings or what it was about Aileen that pushed her to chose Bright. Lydia gripped the edge of the table with suddenly cold hands. She could grab her bag and run.

The scent of fresh bread made her mouth water and she glanced at the food spread in front of them. Dierdre slid a bowl of fruit over to her. An open pomegranate spilled its red seeds in the center of a mound of apples and grapes. A chill ran through her. All the stories warned about the dangers of taking Fairy food. The pomegranate reminded her of something.

She looked up into the watchful eyes of the two Fey.

It was a Greek myth she'd studied in English class. Persephone had eaten several pomegranate seeds in the underworld and it trapped her there for half the year.

Suddenly Lydia wasn't very hungry.

Since this is from about 1/3 of the way into the story, it's important to know that Oberon is the ruler of the Bright Court, Titania of the Dark. Aileen is an emissary of the Dark Court, The Darklings a type of Fey bloodhound.

Lydia is a Fey girl who was raised as Mortal and brought back into Fairy. Dierdre and Galvin are of Oberon's court.

I've been having fun structuring this according to the 'hero's journey', a version of it here. (Thanks for the link, sue!)

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