Monday, August 04, 2008

Workshop Critique Winners!

Sorry for the delay in posting. The winners of a private critique from the poetry tools workshop are:

Cheryl, whose comment started with "This topic is very beneficial for me. I tend to write lean in the first draft. . ."


Shannon, whose comment started with "This was great. I love how you are highlighting your posts with poetry and then showing how to translate into prose."


Natalie Hatch

If you email me a scene or page (up to 250 words) from your writing, I will complete a mark up like I illustrated on day 5 of the workshop. These critiques WILL NOT be shared on the blog.

Send your scenes to ljcblue at gmail dot com.

Congrats and thank you for participating!


  1. woo hooo! I usually don't win anything ;-)

    Do you want a completed scene or the beginning of something or a raw first draft? preferences?


  2. That's entirely up to you, sue. Since I'll be focusing on word choice and not overall storyline, it can be anything. Really whatever you'd find useful.

  3. Thanks! I loved your workshops and I'm excited to get your input.

    Take care,