Friday, August 08, 2008


Since I'm in Quebec, I thought I should title this 'vacation' post bilingually. Sadly, I am terribly mono-lingual. But my 14 yo son is near fluent in French. Does that count? He ordered lunch for us in perfect French and wonder of wonders, we all got the right meals. LOL.

Actually, I'm proud of how hard he worked in French class last year in school. I just don't have an ear for language. Years and years of spanish in primary and secondary school and I'm less capable in that musical language that your average Spanish speaking toddler.


But my son is near fluent in French. Did I tell you that? Surely that counts for something.


I'll be on family holiday for the next two weeks, so blogging might be a bit sporadic. I have net access, but if I don't feel like blogging, I just won't. (I'm such a rebel.)

Be safe. Be good. Love and be loved.

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