Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Writing Process: Mixing it up

It's pretty clear that I'm a plotter not a 'pantser' when it comes to writing process. In fact, in 4 completed novels, I've only just explored following the characters in 'Heal Thyself'. While an uncomfortable process, it did help me to write a novel I am extremely pleased with. I don't see myself discarding all aspect of planning and plotting, but it's important for me to know that I'm not locked in to one process.

My husband made me promise to to dive into another story right away. Does it count if I kept my fingers crossed when I agreed? :) So, I'm not really *writing* a new novel quite yet, but I do have the idea I want to explore for this YA Urban Fantasy, working title "Between". What I have done is written about 8 small scenes, but not as any coherent or linear novel. Rather, these are character studies that have come out of my tuesday morning writing groups' weekly prompts. Somehow or another, I've turned each of the prompts to exploring the world and main characters of "Between."

This is pure seat-of-the-pants writing. We have about 20 minutes to write to a prompt. I never have any preconceived idea of where the story is going when I show up at the group. Someone offers a prompt, and we start writing.

I know at some point I will need to string these scenes like pearls on a necklace. They need to hang together in a coherent whole. That will require plotting and planning.

That's my late summer plan: Come up with a loose outline of "Between" that will allow me to write the story in earnest. I've already had some good ideas for the backstory, the history of the world and its characters. It will require some research and some invention and I can't wait.

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