Thursday, June 19, 2008

TiddlyWikiWrite Upgrade

A year ago, I participated in Lynn Viehl's (AKA Paperback Writer) 'left behind and loving it' virtual writing workshops.

My workshop was on using a personal wiki to organize your WIP, implementing TiddlyWikiWrite, a version of Tiddlywiki optimized for writers. The workshop contains screen shots and a step by step process of how I use "TWW." A year later, and I still think it's one of the best tools I've come across as a writer. It combines the best of having note cards with the search and sort capacity of a database. I also like that it can live on my USB key and run in any browser in any computer without needing to be live on the internet.

The Tiddlywiki folks have upgraded the core program to version 2.4.0 and I've updated TWW as well to reflect that. One of the wonderful features of version 2.4.0 is that users can upgrade any future updates right from their tiddlywiki. If you have an earlier version of TiddlyWikiWrite, you can follow these upgrade instructions.

If you want to know more about TiddlyWikiWrite ("TWW"), you can take a look at the newest version here.

And stay tuned for this year's virtual workshop on poetic tools to enhance your writing.


  1. You may also be interested in checking out Luminotes, a personal wiki notebook similar to TiddlyWikiWrite. I know a number of writers who use it for organizing their characters and other story details. Luminotes does require internet access, but the advantage of this is you can quite easily invite colleagues to your wiki to view or collaborate.

    Anyway, check it out at

  2. Dan--thank you for the info, but one of the things I like about tidlywiki is that it primarily is a *local* program. At the stage when I'm working on a novel, I am not looking for a collaborative tool. It also handily fits on my usb drive, so I can take it wherever I go. There is an option for free hosting via tiddlyspot where you can synchronize a local tiddlywiki with one on the web, with the option to make it private or public for a collaborative feature with tiddlywiki.