Monday, June 23, 2008

Perversely Comforting

Over at Science Fiction and Fantasy Novelists, David B. Coe has a blog post about a book he loves and can't seem to sell.

In his post, he says:

"But when do the rejections outweigh my belief in this book? When do I accept that even though I love it and remain certain that it’s my best work ever, no one else sees it the same way? "

Now David B. Coe is a multi-published author. He has what I am working toward: an agent, editor(s), publisher(s), books in the bookstore. And he still has the angst and the self doubt. It is somehow strangely comforting to see that writers far higher on the food chain that I are still struggling with the same things. Perhaps it is because we are our own worst judges and critics. Perhaps it is just part and parcel of being an artist on any kind.

Certainly, I have said similar things in regards to the query process. Getting requests for partials and fulls for a project that then doesn't seem to get anywhere is disheartening. But giving up means the answer is an automatic 'no'. Moving forward means that the answer could possibly be 'yes'.

I hope he continues to believe in his novel and that it finds a home on the bookshelves of my local bookstore. I'd love to read it someday.

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