Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finding my way here again

On the outside, nothing is different, nothing has changed. "The House of Many Doors" is still in the hands of 2 different agents upon whose pleasure it waits. That is the way it is in the publishing world. "Heal Thyself" continues to frustrate me, the plot playing hide and seek with my brain.

And yet. . . and yet, I'm unexpectedly happy today. The simplest things can make my heart soar. A male cardinal sitting on the backyard fence. The stillness of the air before a snowfall. The scent of cinnamon and apples. The dog, curled nose to tail in her bed.

These moments don't belong to me, but they affect me in profound ways. They become transcendent and so I am transformed. Again.

I lose and find this balance, this equanimity time and time again.

It's not something to scrabble after or to grasp.

No. These moments are a gift. But maybe the true gift is learning how to see that they are there, always, for all of us.

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