Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cool Krygyz Hats!

I've blogged before about opening our home to a lovely young woman from Kyrgyzstan. She continues to enrich our lives and I hope we continue to make her feel as if she has a home away from home.

We introduced her to our family tradition of lighting the Hanukkah candles. We tend to keep Hanukkah quite low key when it comes to present exchanging, and I certainly didn't expect her to give us anything. My older son made her a card, and my younger son gave her one of the fish he made in ceramic's class. I gave her a collection of Rumi poetry, as she wasn't familiar with his work.

She presented us with these wonderful hats from Kyrgyzstan, along with a mini-yurt for my youngest son.

They are made from felted wool, lined with cotton. I have worn mine basically every day since Hanukkah. It is the warmest and most comfortable hat I have ever worn.

I think hubby looks quite dashing in his!

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