Wednesday, March 18, 2020

An ordinary crisis

Dustin. Dog hardware, cat software
This is day 6 of living in isolation for me. Last Wednesday, my husband and I agreed it was better for me to relocate to our farm in Central Massachusetts while he stayed home and continued to work at his hospital.

So I'm here with the dogs, my computer, access to the internet, my writing, copious amounts of yarn, a bunch of clay, and a pile of books.

We pretty much always have a prepper's stock of food because 1 - I like to preserve food when it's in season, and 2 - I hate to go grocery shopping.

If there is an ideal set up for sheltering in place, StarField Farm pretty much is it, but for the forced separation from my partner-in-crime.

I just got back from a walk in the woods with the dogs. Dustin is one of those male dogs who marks everything, peeing a thousand times on even the shortest of walks. I noticed that he peed on some dried leaves and there was blood in his urine.

He's a spry little thing and I haven't seen any signs of distress in him, other than noticing he's been pestering me for food all the time.

It could be symptomatic of diabetes.

I am not proud that my first thought was "Fuck, this can't be happening now." All of my coping is already being used up managing my worry over my husband, my eldest son who is not feeling well and is living in another city, and the rest of the world as the crisis builds and builds.

But then I realized that this was something I could actually deal with in very concrete terms.

I called my home vet. They directed me to an animal hospital 15 minutes away in the same network and coordinated getting records sent. The local vet was able to give us an 8 am appt tomorrow morning.

Dealing with a sick pet? I know how to do this.

Never did I ever think I'd actually be grateful for an ordinary crisis.

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