Saturday, December 05, 2015

Acts of Kindness

Maybe it was 6 months ago, could have been even longer. But one early evening, our dogs started to go all 'rambo' on our front door. I went to take a look at what was setting them off and saw a black lab cavorting on our front lawn.

He was as happy as you please and all he wanted was to play with our dogs. But my Jack Russell mix isn't well behaved with other dogs, and I didn't want to risk letting my lab/hound mix out without a leash, so I went out to try to snag the pup.

He would have none of it and would dash away when I got anywhere near him. He had broken away from his owner and she was in her car just outside the house trying to get Duncan the Lab to listen to her.

He would have none of that, either!

At that point, my husband got home and between the three of us - Duncan's human and me and my hubby, we triangulated Duncan, got him interested in what my dogs consider the 'crack' of dog treats, and were able to snag his collar.

Dog and person were effusive in their thanks. We got to give Duncan pats, scritches, and more treats and that was that.

A few moments ago, the dogs did their 'barbarians at the gate' thing. At the front door was Duncan's human, with chocolate in hand.


In case you can't make out the handwriting, this is what her note said:

Hi -

I don't know your names, but have never forgotten your kindness in helping me lure my recalcitrant Black Lab back into my car. 

Your use of the crack of dog treats was charming too!

So, in thanks, here is a box if the crack of caramels! (Please bear in mind that I know nothing about you, aside from your kindness, so if you hate caramels [or if you're dentists], please excuse my mistake. . . )

Thank you again.
 Duncan's person - you are very welcome! Thank you for making my day such a bright one. And, yes, chocolate is my crack. ;)


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