Monday, May 26, 2014

T Minus Seven Days. . .

Comet ISON, photo by NASA, in the public domain

A week from today, on June 2, 2014, my third novel blasts off into the world.

DERELICT is a story that found me and pestered me until I decided to write it. While my last several books have been fantasy stories to one degree or another, this one is decidedly science fiction. My other published novels have one or two points of view and are intensely personal stories of individual choices and journeys. DERELICT is a larger tale, with five intertwined stories against a backdrop of danger and adventure.

It also features a diverse cast, with characters who do not default to male, white, and heterosexual. I knew when I wrote this story, that some readers would be more uncomfortable with an emotional connection between two young women than by any of the other elements in the novel. Be that as it may, but I could not conceive of a space-faring future where we had less tolerance than in our present world. 

The characters are who they are, and the only 'agenda' I had for the book was to make it a thrilling space opera/adventure tale. DERELICT represents my ninth completed novel, and I believe it's the strongest work I've done to date. Certainly early readers have concurred, and the story already has several lovely reviews on its Goodreads page.

I have the great good fortune to have an incredibly supportive family. My husband and sons are some of my first readers and never shy away from telling me what they really think, both the good and the bad, about my writing. They are also a talented crew, in their own right: My husband worked on the typography for the print cover, and one of the boys wrote original music for the book trailer I put together. If you enjoy "space porn"; that is, amazing photos of space, courtesy of NASA and the Hubbel, I invite you to watch the 2 minute video. The images and the music capture the spirit of the story.

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