Monday, July 23, 2012

News, Views, and Reviews

A quick post to catch you up on the world of THE BETWEEN.

Lydia's story and struggles with the Fae have been getting some lovely and gracious reviews.  Here's some recent press:

Lydia is a complex, strongly-drawn character. Her reaction to the situation she finds herself in is not only completely understandable, but also utterly relatable. She is angry, frustrated, sad, confused–and also incredibly powerful, which makes for a fantastic fictional combination. I love reading strong female leads, and Lydia did not disappoint.--from Indie Author Book Reviews

 I kept looking for SOMETHING to pick on, but it’s just not there.  Cohen’s book is well written, well conceived, well plotted, well edited and well executed.  Everything about it is gorgeous.  From the use of Shakespeare’s Oberon and Titania (which again, usually makes my eyes roll) to the pull of ingrained cultural fairy beliefs, Cohen managed to take what could have been an absolute laugh-fest for me and turn it into a beautifully written piece of literature that I read in 2 days.--From Pavarti K Tylor, Fighting Monkey Press

The Awesome Indies blog recently listed THE BETWEEN, among their books.
The aim of this site is to promote professional standard Indie published books. That is  those that are published independently of the traditional publishing system but come up to the same publishable standards, as evaluated by industry professionals. . . . all our authors are committed to the highest excellence in their craft. Here, you will find the new, the different and the exciting.

And a guest post on why I write Young Adult stories on Tracy Riva's Books and Reviews, along with a giveaway. "YA, Why Me?"


  1. Well deserved. You wrote a fabulous book! So happy to see positive reviews!

    1. Thank you very much, Lisa. The best part of this whole process had been seeing readers be moved by something I wrote.