Friday, July 20, 2012

Derelict: Chapter 3 now live

I've been working hard on writing the first draft of my SF novel, Derelict and hit the 20K mark today. That's 20,000 words in just about 3 weeks.

There are tons of writers who can write first drafts that quickly, but I'm not usually one of them. For some reason, this story seems to be flying onto the page. I know that this pace is too good to last, but I'm enjoying the wild ride for now. I deliberately didn't start sharing it until I had a backlog of chapters because I know as sure as my dog will bark when the mail man comes to the door that I will hit snags and stops at some point in the middle.

That's another problem for another day.

For now, it's all about the story and getting the words on the page.

Four teens. Four reasons to escape Daedalus Station--the dead end outpost of an empire. One derelict ship. One mistake that propels them halfway across the galaxy. Learning to work together as a crew may be the easy part because if the ship doesn’t kill them, the universe will.

 If you'd like to travel on this journey with me, I'm posting a chapter a week every Friday on the Derelict blog. Chapter 3 is now live.


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