Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick friday round up

Top ten reasons why I haven't blogged much this week:

10.  I've been laid out by a sinus infection. My heroes: motrin, antibiotics, and icepacks
9.    Two nights of sleep interrupted by pain. (worse than appendicitis, worse than labor; see above)
8.    Running hither and yon for my offspring (no time off for the mom-taxi)
7.   Celebrating my eldest kiddo's graduation from High School (Seems like yesterday, he was a baby. . . )
6.   Family visiting from out of town (see number 7)
5.   Dragging my sorry, congested brain out of bed to see my son's play performed (wow, these kids are talented!)
4.  Swallowed up by the sheer number of details in getting our house inventory to the insurance adjuster (I loathe this kind of paperwork)
3.  Working on edits to MindBlind in every spare moment (more than halfway through!)
2.  Overwhelmed, and the top reason I haven't blogged much this week:
1.  I'm overwhelmed.

Hanging in there.  

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