Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paper Cranes, New Years Wishes

photo by Sailrad

A heron skims
the river's course, silent
menace, silent joy--
our prayers for the New Year
flutter as we exhale.

--LJCohen, 2010

The lovely teacher from Bejing that we were sharing our home with made us these cranes and gave them to us as a gift on Thanksgiving.  There was a crane for each of the 120 days she would be living with us.  None of us anticipated that a little more than a week later, we would be displaced by a house fire and she would have to finish her time here in the U.S. with a different family.

We have rescued the cranes from the detritus and moved them to our temporary apartment, where they remind us of home and of hope.

May the coming year bring you joy.


  1. Your poems slip through my fingers and leave paths of light and shadow. <3