Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Writing Roundup

Because I'm sure you're tired of posts related to our housefire. . . because I know I am. . . because the end of the year is a time to take stock. . . and because it helps me see where I am in my writing life:

The Writing Roundup, 2010 Edition

Edited "The Between"
Edited "Future Tense"
Began "Sisters of Lilith" fantasy/erotica
Began unnamed YA dystopian scifi project

Short Stories:
Written and/or substantially revised: 3 

New poems written: 41
Freewriting and journalling:  filled 2 notebooks with drafts to revisit in 2011 
Took part in the August Poetry Postcard Fest
Attended Dodge '10!
Took part in Robert Lee Brewer's November Poem a Day challenge

Blog Posts:
137 posts here on Once in a Blue Muse
1 guest post on Writer Unboxed

Op Ed pieces for our local newspaper: 4

In the margins of my writing, I also helped my parents move into a life care community, had an emergency appendectomy, celebrated the 5th anniversary of this blog, my husband's 50th birthday, our 22nd wedding anniversary, attended Readercon, had my car drive itself out of the driveway and into the creek, and survived a serious house fire. 

My goals for 2010 were:
  1.  Be ready with a marketing plan for when my first novel sells.  While the sale hasn't happened yet, I remain upbeat and hopeful and have a ton of ideas for when the time comes. Part of being a successful author is building connections with audience, 'platform' for want of a better word.  Writing a regular column for our local paper, besides being something I enjoy, also helps contribute to my platform.

  2. Appropriately use social networking tools to build connections with writers and readers, while not getting sucked into a black hole of time wasting on the net.  I kept pace with the blog, enjoyed my new connections through Twitter.  I'm still not as organized as I'd like to be about limited my net time, but that's a work in progress.

  3. Return to my 'roots' of writing poetry.  I returned to poetry with a vengeance, reading craft books such as "Wabi Sabi for Writers," "Writing down the bones," and "Writing the Life Poetic." (hi Sage!) I returned to my practice of daily pages, writing in small notebooks that I could carry around with me.  I filled several of them.

My goals for 2011:
1. Walk daily. Now that we're living in an apartment while our home is being repaired, I have the perfect excuse/need to walk daily.  Our dog.  I had been getting lazy, just putting her out in our fenced yard rather than taking her on walks.  Not good for either of us.

2. Plan out a sequel/series. All the novels I have written thus far have been independent of one another.  Several of them have sequels that I would love to write.  There is a difference between writing a standalone story and writing a series.  I need to explore what makes a good series.

3. Write one short story my critique group gives its blessing to.  I feel like there is a secret code to writing a complete and satisfying short story and I haven't broken it yet.  2011 is the year.

Well, there you have it.  I am happy to see 2010 in my rear view mirror.

Happy creating, to all my musician, artist, and writer friends.

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