Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The generosity of my community

Yesterday this bookcase had one lonely book on it--Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.  It was the only book I could salvage from our house fire.  I had bought it the day before and left it in my car.

Today, these shelves look like they belong in a writer's home, thanks to Lynn Viehl, aka Paperback Writer.

She doesn't know me, outside of our internet friendship.  I started following her blog a few years back, when I had written a novel and was just attempting to educate myself about the business of writing.  Lynn was a writer who made a living writing.  She had a popular blog and dedicated readers.  And she was generous with her time, her wisdom, and her own pocket, running contests and generally being an extremely giving soul.

Once upon a time, she asked me to run a 'left behind and loving it' virtual workshop.  I did a few different ones at different years and we exchanged friendly emails now and again.

She cheered me on when I would get partial requests and celebrated when I landed an agent.  She's commiserated when a book didn't sell, and encouraged me when I got disappointed by the pace of publishing.

In addition to being a successful and talented writer, Lynn is an all around wonderful human.

When she found out about our house fire, she emailed me asking if there was anything we needed.

We're really okay and have good homeowners insurance, so while we are displaced and need to replace many of our things, we're in decent shape. Well, today I got a care package in the mail from her, with all those lovely books and supplies and a magnetic poetry kit for my fridge.

I am astounded by the generosity of the people around me. I've mentioned our lovely friend and neighbor who insisted on packing up our kitchen--dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, cups, mugs, knickknacks, and spending three days soaking, scrubbing, and cleaning every last item so we could have our own things in our rental apartment.  Our dear neighbors who took us all in and kept us warm and safe and sane when our world was burning. The members of our temple community who have insisted on cooking meals for us and delivering them every night.  I can't count the number of emails, calls, and texts we have gotten from friends and family with offers to help.

I am a member of several critique groups and my fellow writers have rallied 'round with offers of spare laptops. 

I am moved beyond what I can express by the generosity and kindness of the people in my life.

To my dear ones, near and far, who have helped keep our bodies and souls together, thank you. 

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  1. Dearest Lisa,

    I am so moved by the generosity of Lynne and the people in your community. This is what life is. This is what love is. This is what it means to rise up out of one's own world and care about who is around us. We can make such a difference in another's life as you have made in mine and countless others who have come to Wild's door. Thank you for all you do. And may what the fires burned away be returned 10,000 fold.