Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't Postpone Joy

Don't Postpone Joy.

Don't Postpone Joy!

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That used to be the motto of a little store in NYC that sold wind up toys, called The Last Wound Up. They had that saying on a small button. Every time I bought a wind up toy, I also got a button. Invariably, someone would comment on the button and I figured they needed the reminder and would pin it on their shirt.

I went through dozens of those buttons during the time I lived in NYC.

The store is long gone from the landscape of Manhattan, but I have never forgotten the motto. A friend of mine passed away last week, and he lived this little saying. Even without having a button to remind him. He knew how to live with joy, every day.

Find a reason to be silly today. Find someone to hug, to tell that you love them. Laugh.

Don't postpone joy.

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  1. I was a fan of The Last Wound Up as well. I used to get the owner to send me a surprise toy every month to my home in Georgia. It was always a childlike thrill whenever I drove up to my house from work and spotted that box at the front door. God, I loved those buttons.