Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life without teh interwebs

So we're on family holiday at the in-law's place (Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, if you're curious) and a huge storm rolled through a few days ago, sending the dog fleeing for the place of safety.

It also sent the thermometer back into merely warm range from stupid-steamy.

But the most critical thing the storm gave us was several days without access to the internet.  Horror of horrors! (Insert graphic of Munch's 'The Scream' here)

So no blog entries, no new entries on the rss reader, no facebook, no twitter, and most critically, no email.

Now I have survived for several weeks without access to email.  We didn't get the delirium tremens for the 3+ weeks we traveled through Central Asia last summer.  But, these particular days were nail biters.  My agent sent out the pitch letter for my faerie changeling story ("The Between") on thursday.  On friday morning, before the webs went kaput, she let me know that 3 of the big NY publishers had already requested the manuscript to read.

Then no matter how many times I clicked 'reload' on the old ipod touch, or tried to fire up the laptop, there was no internet joy until today.

No, the world didn't end.  No, none of the editors made an offer (yet!), but this afternoon, I discovered that 2 more houses have asked to read the story.  A lovely surprise to find upon reconnecting to the great web of the wide world.

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