Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home sweet home, catching up, and Readability

We're home again after a glorious week on Maryland's eastern shore, where my in-laws have their home on the Chesapeake Bay.  It's one of my favorite places in the world--a place where you can sit and watch the water for endless hours, listen to its whisper and crash, watch dragonflies strafe late summer flowers.

In the past, I've used our annual pilgrimage to "Silly Manor" (as my in-laws home is called by the family)  to do a significant amount of writing.  This year, I did very little, other than some morning pages which turned into postcard poems. 

On the way home, I was wondering why that was.  What I realized is that *this* year, our vacation was the first time I've been down there since I started to write full time.  In the past, our holiday time was also time to immerse myself in writing as a change from my normal day job.  Since writing became my day job, I looked at vacation as a time to relax and refill the creative well.

Now that we're back home, I need to ramp up my writing time again:  it's get back to work time.

The other thing I had to catch up on was my rss reader and all the wealth of blog posts waiting for me.  And that reminds me of a tool I've talked about before:  readability.

When you spend hours trying to read online, it can be wearing on the eye.  Readability is a little add on that lives on a browser that can change the presentation of web based text to a more readable format, quickly, and on the fly.

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