Monday, May 31, 2010

Next Stop: World Domination!

I've been working on an old, small desk for the past few years, in a cramped alcove off of my living room.

This is the space that once upon a time was the playroom for the kiddos when they were in their toy trucks, leggos, and crayons phase.

It is the space that became the storage place for all school and arts/crafts supplies when my kids were in elementary school.

It is the space that became the repository of anything there wasn't a designated place for in the whole house.

When I started to do serious writing, I decided to claim the space and turn it into my office.

It's a long, narrow rectangle, with two walls of windows. On the plus side, it's a bright space. On the minus side, it gets *cold* in the winter.

It also has no door. Just an archway into the living room, so privacy is more of the virtual kind once the kiddos are home from school.

The upside down desk is what I used to use.  It's going into the basement/kids' area.

Now I have a BIG desk.  And I can stretch out and have room for paper/printouts/yellow-stickies.


It's still a small, cramped space, without a door.  But it's mine.

Muahh haaaa haaaa.  Mine.  All mine.

Next stop: world domination.  As soon as I can get rid of some of the clutter.

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