Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Water is patient. Water always wins.

The quote is from a Dr. who episode from last season: The Waters of Mars.  Well, we've had the Waters of Newton. 48 hours of rain--driving cold rain and wind. 10 inches, by the estimates, fell out of the sky in that time.  And while it didn't turn any of us into terrible Martian monsters, it was pretty much a horror show.

I'm running on empty. I was up most of Sunday night trying to stay ahead of the water.  My primary goal was to save the furnace and water heater.  It took a night of mopping,  running the wet the vac, emptying the wet vac, and triggering the pump when it wouldn't automatically turn on but we never lost the utilities.

There are folks around with feet of water to our inches, so I count myself lucky.

The finished side of the basement, including the carpeting is soaked.  

Thank goodness for the help of dear friends.  My husband is out of town, but he called the cavalry--and the cavalry responded.  (Thanks, Dan!)  His car-buddy Dan came over with a spare pump and some technical know-how to jigger the float switch on our sump pump which wasn't triggering well. 

I can't even calculate how many hundreds (thousands?) of gallons of water were sucked out of the basement, between me using the wet vac and 3 pumps.  What doesn't seem like a lot of water spread out across the floor is easily many gallons of the stuff. 

Like the Doctor says, "Water is patient.  Water always wins."

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