Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Short Story Goodness

Not mine.

My 16 year old son's.

He had a choice for a creative project in his honor's English class and he chose to write a short story.  (Actually, he planned to write a series of connected stories, organized around the theme of perception, but story number 2 got away from him and he thinks it may be a novel.*  Oy vey!)

I am extremely proud of him, not only for taking a risk and writing, but also in the mature way in which he asked for and took in feedback, working on the revision process like a pro.

It's a good story.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so.  His teacher was impressed and thinks it stands a decent chance of winning a HS writing contest.  (What she said was something like 'if it didn't win, it would be a matter of taste'.)

We have never pushed our children to follow their parents' paths out of any need to live our lives through them.  We have always tried to help them find their own paths to their own futures.  But I have to say, watching my eldest find joy in writing brings me joy as well.

*I knew his second story would get away from him.  It's a big idea.  A very cool idea.  I wish I'd thought of it!

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