Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Future Tense" : First Draft Done!

It took me a full year to write my first novel.  But then, I was also learning how to actually write a novel.  I still remember when I first heard the term POV Violation.  I had committed the crime, but had to look up what it actually meant.

There was so much I didn't know when I started to write that book.  Perhaps if I had known how daunting a task it is to write a full novel, I would never have had the audacity to write one.

But I learned.  And kept learning.  And kept writing.

Over the past 5 years, in addition to that first attempt--a high fantasy,  I have also written a near-future medical thriller, a fantasy-romance, and 3 YA urban fantasy (?) books. 

I've learned something from each story I've tackled, played with multiple and single points of view, third person and first person, even wrote from the POV of a teenage boy. 

This latest story, "Future Tense" emerged from the image of a run-away boy to a full blown 60K story in less than 10 weeks.  While not quite "NaNo" pace, it does represent a huge shift in my writing process.  While we are still waiting for word on my first potential sale, in many ways this story marks my transition from hobby writer to professional writer.

I know I can approach the writing as my work and write in a disciplined way while not losing the essential joy that writing has brought me from day one.  I know I can meet deadlines, even the personal ones that I only set for myself.  I know I'm willing and eager to do the work of editing and taking feedback to make the writing and the story stronger.

And most of all, I'm eager to share the stories with readers, making a connection through the printed page between author and audience.

It will happen. And I can't wait. 

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