Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Dr. Who!

46 years ago today, the first episode of Dr. Who aired.

Yes, the special effects are cheesy.  Yes, many of the 'enemies' are hokey.  Yes, there are many, many non-sequiters and continuity issues with the plot lines.

And yet, I have been a fan since the 1970s.

As silly as some of the plots are, the acting and the characters are compelling.  I can honestly say there have been episodes that have moved me to tears.

Yes--this is the silly Science Fiction series about a Time Lord moving through time and space in his blue police box.  I am not embarrassed about my unabashed fan girl glee about this show.

Long may Dr. Who live, through many more regenerations.


  1. I too have been a Dr. Who fan for decades. Yes, it is a silly fantasy. Yes, I could do without so many Dallek resurrections. Yet, in the metaphoric quality of myth, there is much more here. The Dr. is a force for good, for irracible irritation with violence, for love of the best in humanity. He is somewhat the blitheful fool, yet a man of genius and immense experience, the fool come full circle into the wizard. Thus, watching the adventures is more than escapist fun. It is uplifting.

  2. Yay--another long time adult fan! I've introduced my teenage children to Dr. Who and its something we enjoy together.

    True confession--I still have the 14 foot long scarf I knitted as a kid, during the Tom Baker era.

    I agree with you about how the show transcends its hokey trappings into something hopeful and uplifting. Perhaps that's the secret to its survival.