Thursday, October 01, 2009

"Future Tense"

That is the working title of the new story I am writing. After writing a multiple point of view, third person story in "The Between," I'm returning to a first person narrative with this project.

Future Tense is a YA Urban Fantasy, set in the here and now in a gritty inner-city environment. My main character is a 17 year old boy, so I am also returning to writing in a male teenager's voice as I did in "The House of Many Doors." Lucky for me, I have two teenage boys to keep me honest.

I spent today finding my protagonist's voice and refining my vision for the story. Right now, I don't have an outline, just a strong sense of the stakes and the major conflict. The beginning, for me, is an exploration of character and mood. I'll free write for a bit until I get the sense of my characters, then I'll put time into a loose outline.

That seems to be a process that works well for me.

Wrote 1,200 words today.

A new WIP is a beautiful thing.

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