Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ressurection of Dodge

Every since the announcement came early in 2009 that the Geraldine R Dodge foundation had to cancel its biennial poetry festival and there would not be a Dodge in 2010, I've been in denial. I've been like a toddler with my fingers in my ears. (La, la, la I can't hear you.) That's because after experiencing the magic of Dodge in 2004 and 2006, and having to miss 2008 (darn you, family obligations!), I had pledged that I would be there in 2010.

In my heart of hearts, I believed there had to be a way to make Dodge happen. And today, I saw this: Dodge is coming back for 2010 and in Newark NJ. They haven't announced dates yet, but I will move heaven and earth to be there.

If you haven't heard of the Dodge poetry Festival, take a look at their website--they have the past program and videos of past festival events. Bill Moyers once described it as Woodstock for poets.

I've also blogged about my past festivals.

If you are a poet, go. If you are a writer, go. If you are a lover of words, go. The festival is a multi-day immersion into the magic of words, poetry, and poets. I am so thrilled that it can be part of my life again.


  1. Wonder what Dodge will be like in this urban setting.

    I'm so there!

  2. Glad to see this being resurrected. Can't really go myself, but enjoy watching some of the videos of the speakers.