Friday, June 05, 2009

"The Between" at 51K!

So my net gain this week was a little more than 3K of new words and probably another 1K of outline. So all in all, not a bad week. I know there are other writers faster than I am, but I've made peace with my process, even if I do whine now and them. :)

After my frustration with the writing process yesterday, I did sit down and push the present scene forward and did my words for the day. It was immensely satisfying to move through the fear and into the routine of writing.

Just before I fell asleep last night, I also solved a nagging little plot thread. It was a small thing, but it spelled the difference between Lydia deciding to do something and her deciding against doing something else. Okay, I realize that out of the context of the story, this probably makes no sense, but it gave her an action, rather than a re-action, which was crucial to the plot.

Happy writing, all.

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