Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Today is the first day of the rest of your (writing) life

Actually, yesterday was. Yesterday was the day my agent (still get a thrill writing that!) sent me back her comments on the manuscript for "The House of Many Doors." Yesterday was also the day my name/website went live on the agency website on their client list. (Yay!)

So yesterday was day one of my professional writing work.

Nephele's comments/questions were extremely minimal. Probably under a dozen typo catches, a few notes in the text, and two questions on plot for clarification.

I'm about halfway through the text again, with an eye toward clarifying the places where she had questions.

My family is thrilled for me and they continue to be extremely supportive. But they are also quite funny and at the dinner table last night, they were teasing me about edits to the book. Of course, they say i should *demand* the manuscript be published as is. That every typo is no error, but an expression of my integrity as an artiste.

I told them that if Nephele advised me to change every character's name to Fred, I would reach for the find/replace button. :)

Off to edit. . .

Happy writing.


  1. Congrats on this particular beginning, Lisa, and on getting notes back with so few revisions! Glad to hear you're enjoying the "professional writing work" so far :-). Exciting, isn't it?!

  2. Marilyn--yes--it's thrilling to see a long held dream coming closer to reality. I know there will be many hurdles ahead, but I feel I'm exactly where I need to be.