Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A handy app to synchronize files between computers, served with a whine

I'm achy all over and even my eyeballs hurt. I am only upright by dint of regular applications of hot tea, tylenol and advil. I'm only waiting to let the dog in the yard for her last 'visit' so I can stumble my poor body into bed.

If hubby was home, he could let the dog out, but alas, he's at a Radiologic conference in Washington DC and I'm here feeling dreadful and wondering if the dog could possible hold her bladder for the next 10 hours.


This is *not* a good time to be sick. I'm supposed to travel to NYC sunday to meet up with some dear poetry friends, traveling to the Big Apple from Portland, OR.

Anyway, if you managed to muddle through my whining, here's a link to a piece of free software that I have found indispensable in this era of working on multiple computers.

It's called 'alway sync' and it will allow you to specify folders and files that you wish to synchronize between (windows based) computers. I have it set up to run off my USB thumbdrive and have sync jobs to sync my writing files between the table pc and the USB, and between the USB and the laptop. The interface is clean and easy to set up and use. I found it in the March 2008 issue of PC Magazine in their article on the best free software apps. Worth a look, regardless of which platform you use, as they have a list/descriptions of 157 free applications.

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