Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An embarassment of riches

Now that I'm inching my way through the last 10K of "Heal Thyself", I find ideas for new projects everywhere I turn. In writing group, a 10 minute prompt turned into the basis for another YA urban fantasy project and a quick weekend trip to NYC (to see some far flung poet friends) led to another.

I lived in and around Manhattan for the first 25 years of my life, but never knew that the entrances to Central Park have names. I walked along Central Park West sunday afternoon and discovered the artist's gate, the merchant's gate, the naturalist's gate and and the hunter's gate. Somehow, I know that's going to find its way into a story. I've always thought Central Park was a little magical and I know that Olmstead was quite a character. Perhaps some kind of historical/fantasy working both in the time of the park's creation and the present. It's not as fully formed an idea as the YA/UF, but when I think about it, I get that little internal 'jolt'.

More later--time to head out to work.

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