Sunday, March 18, 2007

One Step Closer

After three years, writing three novels, a crash course (through the school of hard knocks) in how to query, and several 'near misses,' I have a requested full manuscript of "The House of Many Doors" in the hands of a potential agent.

My boys are already envisioning the book prominently displayed in our neighborhood bookstore. My youngest (nearly 11) wanted to know if I would raise his allowance once I'm a rich and famous author. My oldest (13) is certain the agent will love the full manuscript. His exact quote: "Well, she loved the first three chapters, Mom. And it just gets better." My husband (my main sounding board and biggest fan) tells me he's ready to be a kept man. I just smile and shake my head, knowing that I am already the luckiest woman in the world to have the support and faith of my amazing family behind me.

I've told my husband not to quit his day job and my sons to keep dreaming.

In the meanwhile, I balance my life between work and family, reading, writing, and honing my craft. My husband and I talked through an idea for another thriller that could place one of my minor characters from "MindBlind" in center stage for his own novel. Another one for the plot bunny file.

And huzzah! The cold from hell is slowly losing its grip.

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