Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thinking about Harper Lee

I first read "To Kill a Mockingbird" in 8th grade English class. I've read it since then, but not in many, many years. I've probably seen the movie at least a dozen times and still think Gregory Peck is one of the most handsome actors to ever grace the big screen. It's a tour de force story, but that's not what I was musing about.

Harper Lee never wrote another book.

Did she pour out everything she held within her heart in one perfect novel? Did she have other stories to write, but faced with a blank page, turn away?

It was hard to start writing again after "Wings" was done. I reveled in the thrill of writing 'the end' after its final page. Working on "MindBlind" is different than the intense, giddy feeling of my first completed novel. "Wings" felt like racing the sled down a hill. "MindBlind" feels more like pulling the sled back up.

Both experiences are satisfying despite their differences. I was greatly relieved to find I still had things to say and that the process of writing is still as compelling as it ever was.

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