Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dealing with Rejection

I just received my 16th rejection on my query for "The Wings of Winter." When I got that first rejection in the mail--that terribly thin envelope written in my own handwriting--I was devastated. Then the second came and I was devastated. Somewhere after they hit double digits, I stopped feeling as if that envelope was the end of the world. Don't get me wrong--rejection is never fun, but I believe in the book and believe it has what it takes to be successfully published. It's just that I'm no longer emotionally tied up in the query process. My energies and focus remain on writing. Getting "Wings" in the right hands is a matter of persistence, timing, and some luck. It has little to do with me personally.

It's the writing, stupid. (She says to self.) That's what I love, what feeds my soul. Words, sentences, story ideas, characters; they follow me through my waking hours and into my dreams.

5 more queries are going in the mail tomorrow. Bring on the skinny envelopes. Each day gets me closer to yes.

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