Sunday, December 18, 2005

Taking Stock

As the days draw down toward the winter solstice and to the new year, it seems a natural place and time to look back. What have I accomplished for the year? What had I hoped to achieve that remains uncomplete?

I also want to stop and realize all my blessings. I have a supportive extended family of parents, siblings, in-laws, (out-laws!) etc who love me. (OK--if you don't like sappy cliches, stop right here and skip to the next paragraph!) My husband is my best friend, my soul-mate, an amazing father and a good cook to boot. :) We have two boys who keep our lives interesting. (LOL!) They are healthy, kind, and caring kids and although I do pull my hair out from time to time, I am very proud of them. I have a 'day job' that gives me professional satisfaction and flexibility to be there for my kids after school and have time for writing.

I know how much these blessings are pure senendipity--it's not that I am especially deserving of good fortune or morallly entitled to it. If the vagaries of chance had constructed my life a thousand miles to the south, in the path of hurricanes Katrina or Rita, my story would be a different one. I try to stay mindful of the fragility of life--that at any moment, it can change. I hope I value the network of friends and family that support my life far more than any of the material possessions that imbue it with surface comfort.

I feel blessed that I have the drive to write. 2005 was a very productive year. "Wings of Winter" was completed and I began my second novel, "MindBlind". I am about 1/4 of the way through it's first draft. Thanks to the creative support at Wild Poetry Forum and the nurturing environment there, I've completed scores of poems this year, some of which are on this blog in various stages of drafts. I even submitted a book length manuscript of poetry to a small press contest-- more as a leap of faith that with any real expectations. This blog began in 2005 and I've kept up with my committment to update it regularly. Another leap of faith--I began to send out query letters to agents in hopes of getting representation for my novels. Thus far, only rejections, but I understand that's part of the process, so I move forward.

My goals for the coming year? Finish "MindBlind", find an agent, write daily and hone my craft.

Oh--and I am also thankful for Save-A-Dog and the little striped pup we adopted who brings unconditional love into our lives and forces my lazy body out of bed on cold mornings.

So, in the words of my 12 year old son, Happy ChrismaHannuQuanzaaka. And a happy, healthy New Year to all.


  1. Dear Lisa,
    LOVE your poems.
    LOVE your postings.
    LOVE you.
    Happy ChrismaHannuQuanzaak ;))))))))))))))

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Think I just emailed you your own blog entry - oops :/

    Have got round to visiting your blog at last. Loved the Mindblind stuff and fascinating link. Good luck with it.

    Also loved the Halloween pics.

    Best wishes,