Saturday, September 10, 2005

'An Unfinished Life' A movie review

One caveat--I rarely go out to the movies. Why? They're expensive (especially when you add the cost of a sitter for the kids) and for the most part, not even worth the wait to rent them as DVDs. I categorically won't go to see movies that glorify violence and victimization (enough of that in the news) and there are only so many car chases I can watch, or inane comedies where even the actors seem embarassed by their lines.

So when my better half dragged me out to see a movie tonight, I was skeptical. We saw "An Unfinished Life" starring Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. Yes, it's a little heavy handed, particularly the final voice over, but its occasional dip into sentimentality is more than made up for by the chemistry betewen Redford and Freeman. Redford plays an aging rancher whose life is complicated when his character's daughter in law shows up with his grandchild years after the death of his son.

This is a (mostly) gentle movie about loss and forgiveness, and if it's somewhat predictable, well, so what. Filmed beautifully, this movie was a joy to watch and the scene between Redford and Freeman in which the granddaughter mistakenly thinks the two men are gay is worth the price of admission.

The actress who plays the 11 year old granddaughter holds her own against the veterans. And even Jenifer Lopez doesn't fall on her face here.

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