Sunday, September 18, 2005

"MindBlind": I'm Not in Love

True confessions. I'm not in love with my current story or its characters. It feels like the bones of a good story, but I lack the passion for it that I had for "Wings".

I feel myself 'writing' this story--aware of being the author and driving the events of the narrative with force of will. When I write poetry or during the year I wrote "Wings", my process is more like matching myself to the rhythm of the words rather than pushing the words in a particular direction.

So now I need to sit back and think about this story. What is it about "MindBlind" that is so different? And can I find that place where my intentions become aligned with the story and the magic happens?

I know if I don't feel the passion in a story, my readers never will. I have gotten excellent feedback from my crit group and although they don't put it in this framework, I can feel their disappointment with the writing.

So. I'm not in love with this story. What does it need--what ingredient has to be added to make it lively on the page and in my heart?


  1. I have a specific character, a cranky old woman named Sadie Jenkins who needs to enter the story and tell someone off before I feel at home there. Whenever a story isn't working for me, I call Sadie.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, patry. Can you tell Sadie to shake some sense into my characters?