Friday, September 09, 2005

MindBlind at 12K

Spent some time today outlining the two major plotlines in the story. I'm in the middle of chapter 5 and the stakes are about to get raised for both of my main characters. This is where I can let all my paranoia find its outlet--we have government surveillance and illegal medical experimentation, closet hyper-empaths who barely survive in a society that sees them as a threat, a group of empaths 'treated' for their 'affliction' in childhood who are now the walking wounded, and an incipient political crisis that makes one treated empath suddenly vital to national security.

My story's main antagonist is starting to blossom. He's willing to commit terrible acts in the name of the greater good. He doesn't get to be a POV character, [note to self--why not?] but I think his complexity comes through. I am looking forward to a scene coming soon between him and the second (reluctant) protagonist that will highlight his moral ambiguity.

A snippet from this week's writing:

“So what do we do?”


“And say what? That you have a hunch your sister’s missing? I don’t think they’d take a clean apartment as tangible evidence.” He paused. “What about your newspaper guy--Jarred?”

Isabel shook her head. If she went to him, she would have to tell him about her sister’s past. And about herself. “There’s no story. For all everyone knows, Kat’s just out of town on business. I don’t even know where she’s supposed to be working.”

“Do you think she has her mobile with her?”

“It wasn’t at her place, but it’s turned off if she has it. It keeps shunting me to her message center.”

“Doesn’t matter. I can probably find her with HAL’s help.”

Isabel felt a surge of hope. “How?”

Kennet winked at her. “Magic.” He pulled out his tablet and stroked its sleek stainless cover. “HAL knows some friends in high places.” He woke up the computer and held his fingers poised over the keyboard. “You know this isn’t exactly legal.”

His tone was flippant, but Isabel knew the real fear that lay behind the words. Malicious hacking was a federal crime. Kennet stood to lose a lot more than his position at MIT if he was caught. She caught his hands in both of hers. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

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