Monday, June 20, 2005

Keeps on ticking. . .

Just handed down our old Handspring Visor Prism and Stow-away keyboard to my middle-school age son. Voila--instant 'poor mans' laptop! In a tiny, easy to carry package. Now he, too, can be a solitaire addict in his spare time. LOL!

The net is amazing. . . I no longer had the keyboard drivers for the old PDA, so I googled and found the archive for Targus and the software for their old hardware. No fuss, no muss, no bother.

I have the zire71 and the palm version of the foldable keyboard. With the addition of wordsmith, I can work on the novel anywhere, even if I don't have the laptop on hand. When I sync the PDA, it syncs the document between it and MSWord on my laptop. Amazing to carry around nearly 117K worth of a book on my trusty old PDA.

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