Monday, January 25, 2021

The Solace of Poetry

Brown Bear

It feels good to be writing again. The few poems I've written since the turning of the year are baby steps, but I will happily take any progress, no matter how small.

Learning How Not to Be A Bear

I fought to sleep
this whole year away, but living
as a bear is harder
than I thought. Hibernation
takes planning. You can't decide
to hide in bed, covers
pulled over your head. I tried.
My heart and breath refused
to slow. My traitorous
stomach insisted to be fed and what
if I had Rip Van Winkled my way
out of months and months
of boredom and dread. It's bad
enough - the shock of my love's
gray, as if his time had sped
while mine had stayed. I tick
off hours in hashmarks, carved
on my heart, too many spent
in solitary. The days lengthen
and I wonder what world
she will wake to when this bear
can finally abandon her den.

- Lisa Janice Cohen
     January 2021

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