Wednesday, November 01, 2017

My over the top love of Halloween

Last year, right after Halloween, when the decorations went on sale, my husband got me another fog machine, a life sized poseable skeleton, and assorted ghosts.

He gets me.

He really gets me.

I'm not an expensive jewelry or clothing type of gal and never, ever bring me roses. Want to see me swoon? Buy me a light projector that shows flying ghosts against my house and I'm a happy camper.

This is my "Trick or Tree". (I wish I had made up that name, but it was one of my clever facebook friends.) Well, what else do you do when you have a giant trash bag full of skulls?

Wait. Don't answer that. . .

Our challenge every year is to put together a selection of our decorations in a fresh way to create something that is spooky and creative without being too terrifying for the little trick or treaters yet still cool enough for the teenagers.

I may have struck the balance to the scary side this year, because I spooked a little girl dressed as Wonder Woman. I felt terrible!

As I said, normally Neil waits until the post-Halloween sale to pick up new treats for me. But this year, he couldn't resist and these 2 hell-hounds were added to the stockpile. They are motion and touch sensitive and their eyes glow red and they bark and howl.

So of course I created a tableaux of "good dog" and "bad dog".
(No actual dogs were harmed in the making of this display.)

When night falls, and we bring out the lights and the fog machines, it looks like this:

It was a smaller display than in prior years. Partly because of the stormy weather we had in the run up to Halloween, party because Neil and I were out of town last week.

We've had these bones for years. It's fun to watch the young kids work on reading the words. Just doin' my part for literacy!

And who doesn't need spooky light up zombie hands?

Yes, we fogged up the entire neighborhood. #sorrynotsorry

Today is devoted to packing it all away and putting it back in the attic until next year.


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