Thursday, February 16, 2017

Where to find me: Boskone edition

I'll be reading from Dreadnought and Shuttle, and maybe a bit from the forthcoming Parallax!

This weekend, I'll be participating in Boskone, the Boston area's longest running SF convention. It's a place for readers and authors to connect and have great conversations about all things geeky. There are some great panels every year and I'm on some fun ones, including:

Katniss, Furiosa, Elsa, and Rey: The New Woman in SF/F Film

They each made big impressions in big recent genre movies. What do these characters say about the current state of heroic female figures in our cinematic imaginings? What traditions do they uphold or subvert? What promise do they hold for our futures?

So You Wanna Be a Time Lord

The time for a new Time Lord is fast approaching. Peter Capaldi is on his third season, which means his stint as The Doctor is likely nearing an end. We've seen speculation about casting the next Doctor, but maybe Capaldi isn't ready to go, especially since his character is starting to gel. What are our hopes for the future? Do we want to keep Capaldi? Whom would we like next? Maybe we can even ask our panelists why they might make a good Time Lord....

From Maladies to Medicine

Panelists share tips and tricks on how to realistically injure and heal your characters. Learn what questions to ask when it comes to the effects of specific injuries. Hear how certain modern and ancient medical practices and medicines can help with healing. Find out how authors make their characters’ pain and recovery feel real and relatable.

When Is It a Gimmick?

Story gimmicks often seem like good ideas at the time — but instead of applause, they get eye-rolls. What is a gimmick, exactly? Are they all created equal? We'll discuss common gimmicks, identifying traits, and ways to transform them into truly fresh ideas.

I also have a solo reading and a signing scheduled. My books will be for sale in the dealers room at the Broad Universe table.

So if you're going to be in town this weekend, please come find me!



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