Friday, July 01, 2016

Where to find me - virtually (part 3)

And we're still working hard!
The blog tour in support of DREADNOUGHT AND SHUTTLE continues. If you've missed any of my guest posts, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

I've estimated that I've written close to 20,000 words of non-fiction for these posts in the past month or so. It's definitely been a challenge to keep it interesting and keep it from being the same old same old answers. Remember, stay tuned because there will be a test scavenger hunt where the prize is some of my recent ceramics goodies.

From my last show - some recent work

I'll start out this group of posts with one I wrote for The Scriptors, a group of Indie Writers I'm a part of. In the post, I shared some real numbers of books sold and earnings from DREADNOUGHT's launch and from my first 4 years as an author-publisher. There isn't a lot of hard data on earning - we tend to hear the stories of the superstar outliers, but not a whole lot from average-Joe-writer.


Rick Wayne is a writer whose work I adore and who I've become friends with through the magic of google plus. He and I share a lot of the same ethos when it comes to writing and sometime later in the year, we will be working on a co-written novel. There aren't many people I think I could relax my control-freak ways with to embark on a project like this. Rick is in that very short list. He invited me to his blog where I talked about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

Rick writes kick ass genre-blending specfic/cyberpunk/thriller . . . it's good shit. Just read it. Okay?


Justine Graykin is another fellow 'broad' from Broad Universe. I met her at either Arisia or Boskone a few years back and was immediately captivated by how well she read her work aloud. And it was hard not to notice the large dragon she had wrapped around her neck and shoulders! She gave me space on her blog to talk about my philosophy and the themes that emerge in my writing.


Susan Spann is a writer, lawyer, and keeper of an amazing home reef (Calling it a fish tank does not do it justice!) Her Shinobi mystery series is a favorite of mine and combines ancient Japan, mysteries, and a buddy-cop-like partnership between a ninja and a Portuguese Jesuit. If you want to see some of the strange and off-beat things I've had to research for the Halcyone Space books, take a look!.


And last, but certainly not least in today's round up is my guest post on Tamara Jones's blog. I initially 'met' Tamara over twelve years ago on an online writing message board called Forward Motion for Writers. Since then, we've become friends. Not only is she a wonderful writer, she's also a skilled quilter. And she can kill off characters like nobody's business. Stop by her blog, where I chat about networking for writers.


That's all for this group of posts! Stay tuned for the final round up and announcement of the scavenger hunt.



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