Monday, June 06, 2016

Where to find me - virtually (part 1)

Like Dev (seen in the cover art above) I am busy at work, but while she is attempting to sabotage a spaceship, I'm talking about DREADNOUGHT AND SHUTTLE and various and sundry details about writing and science fiction.

Over the course of June, I'll be guest posting in blogs all over the 'net. Please visit my gracious hosts and leave a comment while you're there.

Mary Robinette Kowal, Hugo-award winning writer, puppeteer, and all around lovely human,  featured me on "My Favorite Bit", where I got to talk about why I loved writing Dev's character.

And here's not one, but TWO interviews with me, both published yesterday:
Damian is a playwright and a writer and has written a very funny, self-deprecating piece about how not to cosplay.  
Amy Beth is a SF writer and fellow Broad Universe broad. She is the writer of The Cities of Luna stories, that she describes as "Stories about people, not blowing up spaceships."

Last but not least, today I'm talking about balancing characters and points of view on Samantha Dunaway Bryant's blog. Samantha writes about menopausal super heroes. I thoroughly enjoyed "Going Through The Change" and am looking forward to reading "Change of Life."

(And definitely check out the guest posts - some include giveaways of one of my novels - winner's choice.)



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