Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Hello World! Meet Dreadnought And Shuttle!

Original cover art copyright 2016, Chris Howard

You'd think that after publishing five novels over the course of four years, that number six would be no big deal, but the reality is every time I release a book, it feels like a risk. I worry that the book won't find its readers. That I haven't done a good enough job with the story. That even if I did, it was a fluke and I won't be able to write the next one.

I know that much of this is just release-day jitters. Not only do I get them every time, but so does every other writer I know.

So here's DREADNOUGHT AND SHUTTLE, my sixth published full-length work, and third book of my SF series, Halcyone Space.

You can follow the link to my website or purchase venues and read the marketing synopsis (and I hope you will!) but I wanted to share the very brief description - also called an 'elevator pitch'  here:

When a materials science student gets kidnapped, she's drawn into a conflict between the crew of a sentient spaceship, a weapons smuggling ring, and a Commonwealth-wide conspiracy and must escape before her usefulness as a hostage expires. 
Or you could just say "MacGyver in space" and that would capture a lot of the story of Dev, the woman depicted on the cover.

So, if you'd like to read about conspiracies, sabotage, space travel, political intrigue, a recovering spaceship and her bold crew, give DREADNOUGHT AND SHUTTLE a try. And if you're new to the series, book 1 (DERELICT) is on sale for kindle (0.99) during book 3's release.

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  1. I just bought it -- going on vacation next week, so you have great timing!


  2. Just waiting for it to show up in iBooks...can't wait to read it!

    1. Pssst: It's there now!